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Elon Musk will send the first manned rocket to the ISS in May

The famous company SpaceX Ilona Mask for the first timewill send astronauts to the International Space Station in May, NASA reported announcing the first launch of a crew from the United States. In order to reach the orbit of our planet, the company of the beloved technological entrepreneur will launch the Falcon 9 rocket, controlled by NASA astronauts Bob Benken and Doug Hurley, portal reports. What caused the need to launch the first manned rocket company Mask and what will turn out for its main competitor in the person of our "Roskosmos"?

Already in May, the Ilona Mask manned rocket will go to the ISS

Today, only the Russian corporation Roscosmos can deliver astronauts to the ISS

NASA astronauts will fly to the ISS on the Ilona Mask rocket

While the whole world is trying to fight the epidemiccoronavirus, world-famous playboy, philanthropist and brilliant engineer Ilon Mask is preparing for the grandiose step for his company SpaceX and the entire planet - the launch of the first manned rocket to the ISS with NASA astronauts on board. It is reported that the historical launch will have to happen no later than mid-late May 2020, thus marking a new era in space missions. So, manned flights of private organizations to the ISS will deprive Russia of the opportunity to be proud of its unique technology for delivering people to the orbit of our planet, which cannot but affect the income of the space agency.

Recently, Elon Musk called the cost of launching the ship Starship

Although the practice of delivering goods into orbit of the Earth atthe help of private companies is already familiar to modern man, the technology of Roscosmos for several decades remained the main and almost the only available for the delivery of astronauts to the ISS. As you can guess, the possibility of delivering the crew into orbit by a third-party company can not only undermine the image of Roskosmos, but it can also begin a real race (no, not weapons!) In creating space transport of the future. A third player, the Boeing company, which, as you know, has a contract with NASA and even has its own spacecraft project, can squeeze into the battle between Musk and the main space agency of the Russian Federation.

Rocket Ilona Mask Falcon 9

However, I have doubts so ambitiousplans in the near future, because there was not a single Space X flight with people on board, the docking with the ISS with people on board and many other things that were needed for such a grand experiment were never worked out. Remember the famous meme “That's when they start to carry people to the ISS, then we'll talk”?

That's when ...

On March 7, 2020, the SpaceX mission startedCRS-20, which was able to make a round-the-world trip in the orbit of the planet with a mannequin on board. Upon completion of the planned mission, the Mask ship returned to the Atlantic after six days spent in airless space. The entrepreneur himself claims that the launch of the American space shuttle was the last flight of the first-generation Dragon ship, later on SpaceX plans to switch to using the new-generation Dragon-2 ships, capable of delivering up to four people to orbit of the planet at a time.

SpaceX Lunar Base

On the creation of the “space taxi” Mask plans notlimited to. After the successful launch of a new project, the entrepreneur plans to start developing the idea of ​​creating a permanent inhabited base on the Moon, whose implementation will help researchers to deploy a huge number of scientific programs impossible to carry out in terrestrial conditions. The ultimate goal of the American genius is the colonization of Mars, in which he sees a place for the salvation of mankind in the event of an unforeseen fall of a space asteroid on Earth.

This is what the SpaceX lunar base will look like

Does the Endless Energy Mask Enough forthe embodiment of all these incredible projects into reality, or is the entrepreneur simply not enough time and energy for some of them? Perhaps time will tell. We can only wish good luck to Ilona and begin to follow his new, world-turning achievements.

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