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Elon Musk warned that people may die during the flight to Mars

The first people sent to Mars may die.This was announced during a conversation with an old friend by Elon Musk, who wants to deliver astronauts to a distant planet in 2024. His words sounded terrible, but such is the bitter truth of life - during the first manned mission, it is unlikely that there will be no casualties. Even if the astronauts successfully reach their destination, they may never return from there. In fact, early visitors to Mars should be aware that they are taking a one-way ticket. The head of SpaceX already understands this perfectly and, which looks very creepy, says this with a smile on his face. During the conversation, he explained his position in detail, so let's take a look at all the words he uttered. The entrepreneur's speech makes one think about the dangers of space travel. But they will begin soon ...

Peter Diamandis and Elon Musk

Elon Musk's past

The businessman made his loud statement duringtime of conversation with the head of the X-Prize fund, Peter H. Diamandis. They have known each other since the 2000s, when Elon Musk had only dreamed of creating a spacecraft for flights to Mars. I recently told this story: initially he just wanted to grow alien plants, but due to setbacks, he decided to found SpaceX and develop spacecraft on his own. Peter Diamandis closely followed the actions of his friend and assured that he was unlikely to succeed. And now, these two entrepreneurs talked together in front of the cameras, and Elon Musk is already much better known than his friend, because the idea with missiles turned out to be very good.

It is believed that Elon Musk first of all wants to save the rich, but this is not so (according to Elon Musk)

Quite the opposite - the rich are unlikely to wantbe the first to fly to Mars. According to Elon Musk, SpaceX does not force anyone to become space travelers and only volunteers will participate in manned missions. After that, Peter Diamandis noted that the company already clearly has millions of volunteers, because there are a lot of fans of Elon Musk's projects. They should have realized now that they are unlikely to return from the trip. But on the other hand, they will clearly go down in human history as the first people who visited a distant planet.

Who will be hiding under the spacesuits is not yet known for sure

The harsh truth is that the first visitorsMars may die. Let's say they are aware of all the risks, so there is nothing to worry about - people know what they are doing. But after resigning to this fact, another question arises: what to do with the bodies of astronauts in case of death? It is unlikely that anyone would dare to bury them on Mars, because a foreign object in the soil could interfere with the potentially existing life there. So the only option is to just send the bodies back to Earth, but that will be very expensive.

What to do with the bodies of astronauts who died on Mars is not yet clear either.

During the conversation, old friends discussed anothercriticism of Elon Musk. Some people point out that, on the one hand, the entrepreneur produces environmentally friendly Tesla electric vehicles, and on the other hand, he launches rockets into the sky, which greatly pollute the air. According to Elon Musk, they are already addressing this problem. The Starship spacecraft will use methane instead of kerosene, the production of which does not generate carbon dioxide. To obtain methane, you can use water, electricity and carbon dioxide collected from the air (at the same time, the air will be purified!). True, electricity will also need to be produced from renewable sources like solar panels.

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It is worth noting that SpaceX is alreadysends people into space, but over very short distances. In 2020, it was able to deliver people to the ISS, and in September of this year it will send the first tourists to low-earth orbit. Their names are already known.