Elon Musk showed on video how the separation of Starlink satellites from the Falcon 9 rocket occurs

Ilona Mask company continues implementationa project to create a global satellite network to broadcast the Internet to anywhere in the world. In June, two launches with Starlink satellites (eighth and ninth) were already completed, as a result of which the grouping of orbiting vehicles will be 538 units (the mission launched on June 13 carried 58 Starlink satellites and 3 SkySat satellites for Earth sensing).

On the eve of the ninth expedition of the project, SpaceX published a video of the bow of the Falcon 9 rocket launching Starlink Internet satellites into orbit at a speed of 13.1 thousand kilometers per hour.

Video camera located inside the bowFalcon 9, demonstrates the process of opening the nose cone, which protected the payload before launching into orbit - 60 Starlink satellites of the eighth installment of the program.

After the start, the first stage of the Falcon 9 separatedand successfully landed on a water platform for reuse. In the video presented by SpaceX, the upper section of the rocket with 60 satellites hidden behind the fairings is visible. The mass of satellites and the deployment mechanism (payload) is 18 tons.

The video below shows how at an altitude of about 96km at a speed 11 times the speed of sound, the fairings open, and the next flock of Starlink goes on a flight. Fairings, the cost of which is about $ 3 million, according to Mask, will return and after technical inspection and maintenance will be reused, which will lead to a further reduction in the launch price.

Source: businessinsider