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Elon Musk presented the Mehazilla tower designed for fishing Super Heavy (video)

A giant mechanism with "paws" for gripping the firstSuper Heavy booster stages were introduced by SpaceX founder Elon Musk on Twitter. The huge structure, 140 meters high, was named "Mechazilla".

Mejazilla's main mission is topreparation for launch and refueling of the 120-meter two-stage SpaceX Starship / Super Heavy, as well as for "catching", capturing and installing in place the reusable reusable first stage of the Super Heavy launch vehicle.

Scheme of "Mechazilla" operation during landingSuper Heavy is quite simple: the slowed down and vertically oriented first stage will be gripped by the mechanical "paws" of the device. After the aerodynamic rudders are coupled to a special arrow-shaped "paw" truss of the "Mechazilla", the first stage is installed at the refueling point for maintenance and preparation for a future flight.

It is noteworthy that in the comments of Elon Muskcompared the mechanism for "catching" Super Heavy with huge robotic chopsticks. The unusually cautious founder of SpaceX noted that he does not guarantee success, but the sight promises to be fun.

The construction of the Mechazilla tower started in 2020year, when SpaceX sent a request to the US Federal Aviation Administration about the need to erect a giant structure. The first real Super Heavy orbital launches will be carried out no earlier than the beginning of this spring.