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Elon Musk held a "cyber rodeo" and showed a new version of the Tesla Cybertruck

In early April 2022, Tesla openeda new plant in the US state of Texas - it was named Gigafactory Texas. During the grand opening of the Cyber ​​Rodeo event, it became known that the facility will assemble the relatively new Tesla Model Y crossover, Tesla Semi electric truck and the infamous Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck. The presentation was bright, with a neon sign, music and Elon Musk in a cowboy hat on stage. The most important news was not even the opening of the plant itself, which will also be used as the headquarters of Tesla, but a demonstration of the new look of the electric pickup truck with details on the timing of the sale of all the company's long-awaited new products. The details are important, and future news will rest on them, so let's find out all the most interesting.

Elon Musk at the presentation of Cyber ​​Rodeo


  • How was Elon Musk's Cyber ​​Rodeo?
  • 2 New version of Tesla Cybertruck
  • 3 Characteristics of Tesla Cybertruck
  • 4 When will the Tesla Cybertruck go on sale?

How was Elon Musk's Cyber ​​Rodeo?

Surprisingly, the event took place inTexas, on the territory of the new Gigafactory. Even before the presentation began, a drone flew over the plant and noticed two Tesla Cybertruck pickups and a Semi Truck near the enterprise. Previously, Elon Musk did not bring several new products to events at once, so there was an assumption on the Internet that as part of the presentation, Elon Musk would show something very important. Expectations were fully justified, because the businessman, in his usual cheerful manner, began to talk about the new version of the pickup truck and reveal more plausible release dates for the sale of new Tesla products.

Recording of Cyber ​​Rodeo Presentation Broadcast

New version of Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla electric pickup first appeared onto the public in 2019, as part of the November presentation in Los Angeles. The original version was heavily criticized for being too futuristic looking, looking like a roughly hewn piece of aluminum with wheels. Entrepreneur Elon Musk listened to people's opinion and said that the final version of the car will look better, but will not tolerate drastic changes. Everything worked out exactly as he said.

Elon Musk was criticized for the appearance of the Tesla pickup truck

The updated version of the Tesla Cybertruck has gotthe usual mirrors on the doors, a windshield wiper, modified front and rear lights, as well as new rims. The novelty does not have handles on the side doors, because cameras are built into the body to recognize the owner and automatically open the doors.

New version of Tesla Cybertruck

Characteristics of the Tesla Cybertruck

There are no details about the changes under the hood of the pickup truck.Perhaps the engineers didn't innovate. The most important thing to know about the Tesla Cybertruck is that there are three modifications with one, two or three engines. The youngest version accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.5 seconds, while the older model with three power plants is gaining a “hundredth” in 2.9 seconds. One battery charge, depending on the modification of the car, is enough to cover a distance of 400 to 800 kilometers.

Updated Tesla pickup at the Cyber ​​Rodeo presentation

When will the Tesla Cybertruck go on sale?

Tesla electric pickup was supposed to come out insale in 2021. However, then the start of sales was postponed until 2022. At the moment, it is reported that sales will begin in 2023, but this time it is most believed - Tesla having a ready-made version of the car is encouraging. There were many reasons for the constant postponement of the release of the novelty, ranging from the company's production problems to the presence of its competitors - similar pickups set new quality standards that the novelty must meet.

Tesla Semi truck at a plant in Texas

All we know about the Tesla Model Y is thatthat it will also be produced at the Gigafactory Texas. The same can be said about the Tesla Semi truck - it is expected that the new enterprise will produce one million vehicles of different models annually.

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As always, Elon Musk promised his fansa lot of intriguing stuff. According to him, in addition to the Tesla Cybertruck, the company will release a Tesla robotic taxi (which everyone seems to have already forgotten about) and a new Roadster 2 sports car. another automaker in history." Whether he succeeds or not, time will tell, but now it remains just to follow the news.