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Elon Musk called the cost of launching the ship Starship

It seems that the "Napoleonic" plans of Elon Maskby the relatively quick start of the Starship spaceship launches, they are quite feasible. As you know, the ultimate goal of SpaceX has long been to develop a system of “reusable missiles”, which SpaceX successfully managed to do with the Falcon 9 rocket. However, the new Starship project is much more ambitious than all previous developments. At the same time, the cost of launching one Starship ship in low Earth orbit will be quite acceptable. By the standards of space flights, of course.

Starship promises to be the cheapest SpaceX rocket in terms of cost per launch

How much does one Starship launch cost

The cost of launching Falcon 9 rockets and cargoDragon capsules are reduced every year, but even these spacecraft have a limited resource of use and are still quite expensive for companies and customers. However, SpaceX engineers said the Starship "should be even more reusable and cheaper than the Falcon 9." In addition, the spacecraft itself is much larger than its predecessors. Yes, launching such a massive rocket will require more fuel. But on the other hand, such a colossus can put into orbit much more payload or more people. And how do you feel about the new creation of Elon Mask? Share your thoughts in the comments and in our chat on Telegram.

As it became known, not so long ago, Elon Muskmet with US Air Force Lieutenant General John Thompson, during a conversation with whom they discussed, including the costs of launching Starship. Apparently, the United States military is interested in establishing cooperation with SpaceX. But back to the topic. According to Techcrunch, Mr. Musk said fuel costs for the starship should be about $ 900,000 per launch. And operating and depreciation expenses will add approximately 1 million and 200 thousand “American presidents” to this amount. Thus, the final amount should be about $ 2 million per flight in low Earth orbit.

Starship is designed toprovide high load capacity. The spacecraft itself will work in tandem with the superheavy accelerator from SpaceX (data on which is so far classified), and the ship will also have an in-flight refueling system. In perspective, Starship can be used to transport a large number of cargoes to the lunar orbit and, ultimately, to Mars. In the future, SpaceX plans to completely switch to Starship, abandoning the less cost-effective Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy

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SpaceX is currently preparing prototypesStarship versions of Mk1 and Mk2 for their first test flights, which will have to protest the capabilities of controlled flight and landing of spacecraft. These tests will take place in the Earth’s atmosphere “in the near future”. After completing this series of tests, Starship will begin testing for spacewalk. The company is also optimistic about the start of orbital testing during the first half of 2020. Well, wish them good luck!