Elon Musk begins to lease spaceX missiles

Space exploration is costly andlabor-intensive enterprise requiring huge financial injections. Therefore, it is not surprising that when private companies entered this market, the issue of making profit was put at the forefront. Entrepreneur Ilon Musk, planning to bring his SpaceX company to the lead among space carriers, is launching a program for the transfer of rockets for $ 1 million for the launch of cargo weighing up to 200 kg.

Payload will be delivered tosun-synchronous orbit. In addition to the mass and payment for space, the company tenant of the package must prove that the space package does not contain prohibited substances or devices.

As a result of evaluating the new Mask project,economists have come to the conclusion that cargo space transport will receive a new impetus and will become more accessible even for small companies that are just starting out. In the future, even relatively small startups will be able to launch a satellite into orbit, without the need to order a full-fledged rocket launch.

The company SpaceX noted that the frequencylaunches with rented places for cargo will be four months. When ordering, the tenant must indicate the mass of the cargo, the desired launch time and the type of device being put into orbit. As a confirmation of their intentions, already by tradition, tested on Cybertruck and Tesla cars, customers must leave to pay a deposit of 5 thousand dollars.

Source: SpaceX