Electronic lock with fingerprint sensor and Bluetooth

Worried about your apartment or cottage? Do you live in a communal apartment and do not trust your neighbors? The Wyze Lock Bolt electronic lock should solve this problem. At least on paper.

This is a small device with a numeric keypad and a section for reading fingerprints, consisting of two parts.

The front is a control section, the back is a manual slide and a compartment for AA4 batteries. In the middle between the sections is a regular door lock.

According to the creators, the device is installed in 20 minutes and runs on batteries for 12 months.

You ask, what to do if the device is dead while you are away?

First, there is a battery indicator on the digital block, which will glow red when the charge is low.

Secondly, if the situation is critical, you can give Wyze a charge using the USB-C input and safely get into an apartment or house.

Also the castle has an application that worksvia Bluetooth. Through it, you can find out when the lock was unlocked, the number of unsuccessful attempts to enter a password, and also store fingerprints.

If you go out and need to close the door, on the digital block you just need to press the button with the closed lock icon.

In general, the device looks interesting, but itsreliability is questionable. It should probably be used in conjunction with a standard lock to stop possible break-ins. It is also strange why the developers did not think about an application that would work via WiFi and send an alert to the owner when someone entered the apartment.