Electromagnetic lock inside the mouth will provide effective weight loss (2 videos)

First clinical trials passedelectromechanical lock DentalSlim Diet Control, which is installed on the patient's first molars and simply does not allow him to open his mouth to eat. In such an obvious way, inventors from the University of Otago (New Zealand) have realized the possibility of controlling food intake for people suffering from obesity. Individually designed for each patient, devices are installed on the upper and lower teeth (the sixth teeth of the permanent row).

Locking DentalSlim Diet Control allowsthe patient to open his mouth no more than 2 mm, which allows him to drink, speak and breathe, but not consume high-calorie solid food. The first clinical trials were carried out on seven healthy obese patients. The state of the experimental subjects was monitored by questioning the level of comfort and quality of life. As a result of a two-week experiment, the representatives of the control group reduced their body weight by an average of 6.36 kilograms, which amounted to 5.1% of their body weight. With a standard successful course of weight loss, weight loss is on average fixed at 3.79 kg.

Participants of the experiment noted that in twoweeks of a liquid diet, only a few times they had difficulty pronouncing certain words. At the same time, patients did not report a change in taste sensations or discomfort. As a result, all participants in the trial were satisfied with the result and were ready to continue their weight loss course with DentalSlim Diet Control.

Method of "locking" the jaws for contractionfood consumption has been known since the 80s of the last century. However, the mechanisms themselves were imperfect, and patients were at risk of choking when they vomited. In addition, after a long limitation of movement, the subject had difficulty returning to everyday life and could not fully “control” the work of the jaw. The patient's gums also suffered from established mechanisms. As a result of the tests carried out then, some patients received serious psychological disorders.

New electromagnetic lock DentalSlim DietControl can be self-adjusted by the patient and can be completely de-energized and switched off when needed. The developers noted that during the two weeks of the experiment, the subjects never took advantage of the provided freedom.

The creators of the original mouth lock believethat the fight against obesity can move to a qualitatively new level with the full implementation of DentalSlim Diet Control. This is especially true during a pandemic, when obesity is one of the risk factors for COVID-19 patients. According to WHO, 2.8 million people die each year from obesity, 650 million people suffer from some form of obesity, and 1.9 billion people are overweight.

Source: nature