Electricity production directly in space

Increasing energy consumption of spacestations, satellites and ships requires the development of new approaches to the supply of electricity to space. The use of solar panels is impractical and difficult; putting nuclear reactors into orbit is dangerous and is prohibited by a number of international acts. In this regard, researchers from many countries are looking for alternative low-cost sources of electricity in space.

University of California scientistsLos Angeles suggests using cosmic cold as the "supplier" of electricity, or more precisely, the difference in temperature of surfaces exposed to sunlight and shaded areas.

Experimental equipment usingwhich the researchers demonstrated the principle of extracting electricity from ordinary cold, cost only $ 30, and the generated energy is enough for the LED lamp.

Special thermoelectric generator,using the temperature difference between the illuminated and the shaded surface, it can be installed in orbit to obtain an unlimited source of energy. Currently, a study is underway on the possibility of increasing the volume of energy produced using the principle of radiation cooling, which was discovered long ago, but was first proposed for use in space.

Source: ubergizmo