Electrical muscle stimulation can turn a person into a superhero

Watching spiderman movies in childhoodBatman, did you want to be a superhero? Finding superhuman opportunities after a spider bite is unlikely to succeed, but to create a costume that will make you much stronger and more agile than ordinary people is quite real. A group of scientists from the United States and Japan, it seems, is developing one of the components of such a suit. The small sticker created by them can teach a person to shoot instantly and accurately at objects moving at a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour. How can a person's reaction be so much enhanced?

According to scientists, the average reaction timeA healthy person is about 250 milliseconds, that is, a quarter of a second. It may seem to some people that this is a rather short period of time, and one can only envy the human reaction. However, things are not as good as they seem. Due to the fact that the brain spends about 200 milliseconds to recognize an object and 50 milliseconds to perform an action, a person sometimes cannot quickly catch a falling pencil, and certainly cannot hit a flying baseball with one shot.

How to improve the reaction?

Reduce reaction time and make executionAction instant, you can with the help of a camera and a small device, giving an electric discharge to the arm to reduce muscles. The essence of the technology is that a special camera recognizes a fast moving object faster than the human brain and instantly delivers an electrical impulse to the muscles to perform an action. So that people do not feel that someone is controlling them, the system had to be slightly slowed down - the reaction rate increases only by 50 milliseconds, which were previously spent on the action itself.

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Using a combination of camera and device forfiling an electrical discharge, the person who participated in the experiment, was able to shoot a baseball ball flying out of a cannon. Subsequently, he was able to accurately hit him by firing a ball from a toy pistol. This is truly an amazing result, given that the speed of a baseball exceeds 100 kilometers per hour.

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Everything looks very cool, but the device forspeeding up the human response is not yet ready to go on sale. Developers need to fix at least one problem - if a person, for example, at the last minute changes his mind to shoot at an object, he will still shoot due to an instantaneous electrical discharge. In addition, if the object recognition system makes a mistake and a person gets in the field of view of the camera, it may well be killed.

Such technology may be particularly the military sphere to create soldiers with superhuman reaction. It also, and other similar technologies, can make life easier for people with disabilities, allowing them to interact with objects as quickly as healthy people.

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