Electric scooter trips in Russia will be regulated in traffic rules

For owners of small funds individualmobility in Russia, the era of permissiveness and freedom is coming to an end. In the new traffic rules, electric scooters, mono-wheels and other means of individual transportation will receive certain speed limits, and the owners will be obliged to provide the authorities with information about the parameters of the device.

According to the draft new traffic rules, electricvehicles will have the right to travel on public roads with a speed limit of 25 km / h. Special means will be used to measure speed, and biometrics will be used in the future.
The movement of personal mobility aids (SIM) will be controlled by traffic police inspectors and district police officers, who will have the right to stop the owners "to resolve all issues."

Also to control the engine power, which isthe new rules will be limited to 250 watts, special RFID tags will be installed in electric scooters and other SIMs. If the engine power exceeds 250 W, the owner is obliged to obtain a license of category M, which is now necessary to drive a moped. The timing of the introduction of the new rules is still unknown.