Electric Porsche Taycan was able to overcome 3425 km in 24 hours (3 photos)

A prototype Taycan electric car covered 3425 km in 24 hours. Such impressive endurance test results were published by Porsche.

The tests were carried out in support of the the German automaker that the Taycan is able to stably show higher power output over a long period of time compared to other competing high-performance electric vehicles such as Tesla electric vehicles.

A month ago, the Porsche Taycan completed 30 consecutive starts from 0 to 124 mph (193 km / h); The latest electric car endurance test was even tougher.

Tests were conducted on the Nardo track in Italy infor 24 hours in difficult conditions: at air temperatures within 42 ° C and pavement - up to 54 ° C. The Taycan electric car was moving at speeds from 195 to 215 km / h. Breaks were made only for charging the battery and replacing the driver.

Somewhat earlier, a similar test, albeit in different conditions, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range electric car overcame 2781 km in 24 hours.
On September 4, Porsche plans to announce the production version of the Taycan, its first full electric car, with a full alignment of technical specifications and estimated prices for the new product.