Electric pickups Hummer and Rivian compared in a quarter-mile race (video)

Habitual racing in a straight line diversified outputnew electric vehicles, which are gradually becoming available to journalists. Therefore, hot new items gathered in the next quarter-mile race - GMC Hummer EV and Rivian R1T electric pickups. And the Tesla Model X electric crossover, which has long been on sale for a long time, was chosen as a starting point for them. It turned out that not everything is as obvious as the audience might have expected - the new models turned out to be no better than a veteran of the electric car market.

For the test, the journalists of the Throttle House channel managed toGet the top version of the GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 with a three-engine 1014-horsepower power plant. The rivals of the novelty of General Motors have chosen electric vehicles from independent automakers. The Rivian R1T became a direct competitor - which surpasses the Hummer in terms of the number of engines, and is inferior in power. The Tesla Model X crossover in the three-engine 1034-horsepower version of the Plaid turned out to be the third participant in the races and a kind of measure for beginners.

Testing program at the American Willos trackSprings included both classic starts from a standstill with a 402-meter run, and an assessment of acceleration dynamics when accelerating from a run. The results turned out to be quite interesting and made it possible to evaluate the novelty in the face of the GMC Hummer EV against the background of a direct competitor in the market.

Source: motor