Electric Jigs DIGMA P12-4 and DIGMA Z14-8LG - charged to the sport (3 photos)

DIGMA, a manufacturer of digital technology and electronics, announced the start of sales of two new models of products of its “transport” line: electric DIGMA P12-4 and DIGMA Z14-8LG.

DIGMA is actively developing the direction of its range of electric vehicles. And this is great news, because this method of movement in the conditions of urban space is becoming increasingly popular.

This time the manufacturer stepped onto the next one.evolutionary stage: in front of us are two absolutely new electric bike models - on the one hand, these are the same bikes we are used to. On the other hand, these are already more technically complex devices that claim to be a full-fledged urban transport.

Both the DIGMA P12-4 and DIGMA Z14-8LG are lightweight.aluminum frame, convenient folding design, as well as front and rear lights for "pokatushek" after sunset. But the most important thing is the electric drills, which means that, in addition to your own muscular strength, which sets them in motion, you get an additional, electric “boost”.

Let's start with the differences presented by new products: there are not so many of them, so we will immediately list them. Conditionally call P12-4 “junior”, and Z14-8LG - “senior” model. Perhaps the first thing you can pay attention to when you first meet them is the different wheel diameters. In P12-4, they are twelve, and in Z14-8LG, they are fourteen inches. For typical urban bikes, this is quite a universal size and, given that their design is collapsible, traveling with them in public transport will not be a problem.

The second fundamental difference of newDIGMA's electric bikes relate to the engines with which the manufacturer fitted them. The difference in their power is not so significant: P12-4 got a 250-watt motor; at Z14-8LG it is slightly stronger - 300 watts. The maximum angle for raising bikes is 5 ° for the "junior" and 10 ° for the "older" model.

It would probably be fair to mention nowThe difference in the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, power supply devices: 4000 mAh in P12-4 against the whole 7500 mAh in the model Z14-8LG. It seems that this difference is the most important, since it directly affects the power reserve of the presented vehicles - the “younger” electric bike, P12-4, is able to cover a distance of 15, while its “elder brother” is as much as 35 kilometers. The time of full charging of the batteries in the presented models of devices is from 3 to 6 hours.

A few words about the speed of movement. The maximum speed of bikes DIGMA P12-4 and Z14-8LG is 25 km / h. For the model P12-4, the manufacturer has provided an artificial speed limit of up to 20 km / h.

Both electric bike models featurecruise control. Thus, you do not have to constantly twist the accelerometer handle to maintain the desired speed. New from DIGMA equipped with reliable front and rear disc brakes.

Of course, for both models presented, there are recommended weight limits for riders: the minimum and maximum loads for P12-4 and Z14-8LG are 15 and 100 kilograms.

Take a look at our today's steering racksnew products. In addition to the accelerator knob already mentioned and the cruise control activation buttons, the bike power on / off buttons, front and rear headlight switches, front and rear brake levers and a bell for signaling to other road users are placed on the rail.

In conclusion, we say: electric P12-4 and Z14-8LG are perfect for recreational purposes - riding around the area or the local park, and for daily trips to the office and back.

The P12-4 and Z14-8LG models come with an electric bike, a power adapter, a battery lock unlock key (only for the Z14-8LG model), a user manual, and a warranty card.

Source: Digma Press Release