Electric hoverboard Onewheel GT with 51.5 km autonomous mileage (4 photos)

California-based Future Motion introducedtwo new modifications to its popular electric hoverboard, the Onewheel, with increased autonomy, higher power and improved ergonomics.

The flagship of the range of gyro scooters iscompletely redesigned Onewheel GT with increased power and modified control system. According to the developers, the Onewheel GT becomes the world's first gyro scooter with a 3 horsepower engine.

Onewheel GT supports autonomous operationlithium-ion batteries with a standard size of 21700, providing an autonomous mileage of up to 51.5 km on a single charge. This type of battery is used in some Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles.

Except for power modification Onewheel GTthe developers redesigned the device with concave footrests for an "improved scooter feel." More powerful headlights are installed, the durability of the handle for transportation is increased, and an additional tire with improved tread is provided for off-road driving. The Onewheel GT is priced at $ 2,200.

The second modification of Onewheel isa more compact version of the Pint scooter model presented by Future Motion in 2019. The updated Pint X model gets twice the autonomous range of the original Pint scooter, which is now 29 km instead of the standard range of 9.7 to 12.9 km.

The Pint X is slightly faster witha top speed of 30 km / h, compared to 25.7 km / h for the base scooter. The Onewheel Pint X also has an improved control system that allows you to change the ride mode through a dedicated application. The scooter is designed in neon colors. The Onewheel Pint X is priced at $ 1,400.

Source: theverge