Electric Genovation GXE broke its own world speed record (video)

Electric car developers are eagernot only to increase the range and time of an autonomous trip, but also work on high-speed indicators of new vehicles. Genovation Cars from Maryland has announced it is setting yet another world speed record for production cars that are allowed to ride on public roads.

The record is set by the Genovation GXE electric car,which already showed the highest speed in the world for this class of cars. The GXE supercar was created on the basis of the Chevrolet Corvette C7 and is equipped with two electric motors with a total capacity of 800 horsepower installed in the front of the car. The operation of electric motors is provided by 5 battery blocks evenly distributed in the interior of the body to increase stability. The total battery capacity is 61.6 kWh.

It should be noted that at presentGenovation GXE holds the third consecutive world speed record. For the first time in 2018, the electric car reached a maximum speed of 336.3 km / h, then already this year the model was able to accelerate to 338.28 km / h. Now, during tests on the runway of the Kennedy Space Center, the Genovation GXE set another record of 340.8 km / h.

Developers are not going to stop atachieved and are going to bring the maximum speed to 354 km / h. The current record was set thanks to ideal weather conditions, which allowed the car to demonstrate the full power of its engines. The company Genovation Cars plans next year to put on the market 75 cars of the Genovation GXE model at a price of 750 thousand dollars.