Electric Ford F-150 Lightning loses half its charge to haul a trailer

The Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup has passed a real-world towing test with a 7m Airstream trailer. This showed a loss of about half the charge and range.

Ford officially started deliveries last weekF-150 Lightning electric pickup customers. The first owners are already testing an electric pickup truck. One F-150 Lightning Platinum owner from Michigan posted on the forum a test report towing a 7-meter Airstream trailer. The test was carried out on a flat track, and the trailer weighed 2721 kg.

The Ford Towing System allows you to addYour Trailer Specifications for Range Calculation: “When you connect your trailer and set weight, height, length, etc., the Ford system automatically calculates the impact on mileage. I connected at 85 miles and when I finished the calculations it showed that I have 54 miles of power reserve.” The calculations turned out to be quite accurate - he drove 30 miles, and according to the calculations it should have been 31.

In addition to power consumption, the owner remainedsatisfied with the rest of the towing experience. He noted that regenerative braking was applied automatically, although single-pedal control in towing mode was not possible.