Electric cars will be charged by solar panels in 15 minutes (9 photos)

Electric cars occupy a larger segment inautomotive industry, and engineering is already working to create a developed network of modular and autonomous stations for their refueling. The first such station was developed and put into operation by engineers of the architectural bureau COBE on the highway in Denmark.

Equipped with charging capacity charging columnsup to 150 kW, but potential growth of power up to 350 kW is possible, which will allow in the near future to charge electric cars supporting such power in 15 minutes.

The appearance of the new structure is striking in scope andfunctionality. The design consists of modules, resembling trees, with a reinforced concrete core, topped with a similarity to the sun visor. All materials used are environmentally friendly; The designers have worked hard to ensure that the aesthetics of the building aroused pleasant feelings and a desire to be served on such gas stations, where even a green zone is provided for the comfortable rest of drivers and passengers while charging the battery.

This feature has become for Dan Stubbergaard,the founder of COBE, a kind of creative for such gas stations. He himself says so: “For the future of electric transport. We give the drivers of electric cars the opportunity to recharge themselves in the center of a green oasis. Energy and technology are green, so we wanted the architecture and choice of materials to reflect this. ”

His words confirm that part of the energy stationreceives from the solar panels installed on the roof, but so far the share of “clean” electricity is not as strong as the leaders of the energy giant E.On dream about, who are already making plans to branch out the network of these gas stations of transport, with the aim to build 50 such stations in Denmark Sweden and Norway. Countries that today are world leaders in terms of electrification.