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Electric cars in Russia: how many of them and where they live

While global car sales fall togetherwith oil prices, and the economy leaves much to be desired, perhaps the finest hour of electric cars has come, and they will put on the blades of the engine. Difficult times favor strategic maneuvers, and even at this stage the attitude to electric cars is controversial, I suggest figuring out where Russia “lives” the most electric carswhat brand they are and what the environmentally friendly car market is now. Read more about this and much more.

For Russia, electric cars are still a curiosity, unfortunately

If you have not yet chosen which is better: an electric motor or ICE, we suggest you read the arguments about efficiency.


  • 1 Electric cars in Russia
    • 1.1 Tesla Model 3
    • 1.2 Tesla Model X
    • 1.3 Nissan Leaf
    • 1.4 Jaguar I-Pace
    • 1.5 Tesla Model S
    • 1.6 BMW i3

Electric cars in Russia

When asked which electric car is beststatistics will answer. As the buyer’s new cars, they most often take Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X, Nissan Leaf, Jaguar I — Pace and Tesla Model S. Let's look at the sales schedule:

Percentage of sales of new electric vehicles

Does the price affect the choice of car, the questioncontroversial. Tesla Model 3 costs 5.7 million rubles, Model X - 11.2 million rubles, Nissan Leaf - 4.3 million rubles, Jaguar I-Pace - 7.7 million rubles. and Tesla Model S - 10.8 million rubles. Judging by the prices, buyers most often start from the advertised brand. Tesla how pioneer takes the top 2 first places and closes the top fivethe best. Why did Nissan Leaf and Jaguar I-Pace get here? I think the point is to save the budget and love for the brand. By purchasing Liaf instead of Tesla, you will save from 1.4 to 5.9 million rubles, which, in my opinion, is significant. And Jaguar ... it's purely a matter of taste. They are either loved and bought from generation to generation, or hated. Jaguar lovers do not have a middle ground.

Tesla model 3

Tesla model 3

It is an absolute record holder in sales.

Tesla model 3 - Five-seat sedan manufactured by Tesla. Developed on a new platform, different from the one used in Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. 20% more compact than Model S.

Tesla model x

Tesla model x

I think the second in the Model X top is precisely because of the body. There are lovers of sedans, but there are crossovers. It is larger, roomier, walkable. In general, it is an ideal option for those who love urban SUVs, but drowns for ecology.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

Leaf is a Japanese competitor to Tesla and, interestingly,in this top is the oldest car. The release of this Nissan began in 2010, while the first Tesla of this top entered the market only in 2012.

Jaguar i-pace

Jaguar i-pace

Comparing purely externally, you begin to understand why someone prefers Tesla Jaguar. Agree, the British "cat" looks more elaborate.

Tesla model s

Tesla model s

Closing the top, I decided to show you Model S. This is the earliest Tesla of this top. She is 20% more than Model 3 and 5 million more expensive.

In the secondary market, things are somewhat different. Here, Nissan Leaf is the absolute leader, Model S is in second place, and the newcomer is the BMW i3 in third place.

The dynamics of sales of electric vehicles in the secondary market

The dynamics of the "secondary" shows that everyone wantsthe best, but cheaper, which is extremely logical. As soon as the hype for new cars subsides, prices fall, and many can afford the long-awaited car. For a used Nissan they want 676 thousand rubles, for Model S - 3.7 million rubles, but the BMW that appeared in the top costs 1.8 million.

BMW i3

BMW i3

When asked why this BMW did not participate in the first top, it is quite simple. New i3s are not yet on sale, so only second-hand ones can be found on sale.

There are about 6300 new and used electric vehicles. The “population” is, to put it mildly, small, but let's see where they are most often found.

Unlike the number of electric vehicles in the Russian Federation, the cool news on our Yandex.Zen channel is growing every day

Oddly enough, but the leader is not Moscow. Most of the cars are in the Primorsky Territory - the latest statistics of 2020 totals almost 1000 electric vehicles there. In second place are Moscow and Moscow Region - 835 cars. The third Irkutsk region with 657 cars.

Places of concentration of the "power" of electric vehicles

The fact that Primorsky Krai comes first,I was not surprised at all. The East “breathed”, nothing surprising. Moscow and Moscow oblast in second place are also logical, after all, the capital of Russia, but the Irkutsk region and the Krasnodar Territory are puzzles for me. I dare to suggest that cars get to Irkutsk from the east, but who loves them there so much is unknown. And in the Krasnodar Territory, the city of Sochi is located. Given the price of real estate, electric cars there is the place.

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