Electric Bike Nua Electrica can run endlessly (6 photos)

The Spanish company Nua Bikes has introduced a completely new electric bike. It is lightweight, compact, looks like an ordinary bicycle and besides, it does not need to be recharged.

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Nua Electrica’s design includes titaniumframe, 160 Wh battery, control system, 250-watt motor, typical bike chassis with a minimum body kit, where the Zehus Bike + power module is installed, as well as a motor integrated into the rear wheel, it is given only by the Gates carbon belt.

Nua Bikes are controlled bysmartphone When fully charged, the electric bike can travel on level ground up to 30 kilometers. Nua Bikes has a “self-charging” mode, when it is activated, the system uses any convenient moment to charge the batteries from the pedaling, with a minimal increase in the load on the user's legs. The batteries are recharged when moving down the slope, at this moment the regenerative braking energy conversion system is activated.

The movement of the bike does not stop even in caseswhen the batteries are exhausted, since the construction weighs 13 kilograms and it can be accelerated using the traditional way of riding a regular bike. The developers note that theoretically forced recharging of batteries, the electric bait will be needed only a few times during the whole operation period.

The novelty will cost 4,5 thousand dollars.