Elastic game controller made of conductive fabric (video)

Modern control systems for the most diverseGadgets are becoming more convenient, compact and have wide functionality. The new invention of scientists from the University of North Carolina, in the form of a thin elastic fabric into which wearable gadgets can be embedded, will significantly expand the capabilities of developers.

The main industry where innovative fabric shouldfind application will be biomedicine. As a demonstration of the possibilities of the invention, scientists created an impromptu sleeve of "electronic" fabric and used it to play Tetris. The structure of the fabric allows air and vapors to freely penetrate through it, which guarantees the absence of irritations and diaper rash during prolonged use.

The basis of the latest material usedelastic polymer film impregnated with a solution in which there are silver nanofibres. To seal the wires and create porous electrodes, the impregnated fabric is thermally pressed. The most logical use of breathable tissue is its use in electrocardiography and electromyography complexes.

Source: NCSU