Ecocapsule Space - a compact egg-shaped house for living outside the city (6 photos)

The concept of life outside urban communications infully autonomous homes using green energy is gaining popularity. Since 2015, Nice Architects from Slovakia has been developing the Ecocapsule project. In 2018, the final version of the suburban micro-house providing accommodation with the preservation of all modern amenities was presented.

A small oval-shaped house allows severalresidents to use renewable energy sources and not depend on city communications. However, the price of such a house was significant and reached 88 thousand dollars. Now, the company's engineers have introduced a more affordable version of the stand-alone Space house.

The new Space Ecocapsule home is similar toThe basic version measures 4.67 x 2.2 m with a useful area of ​​8.2 square meters. You can enter the house through a sliding door. Among the innovations, developers mention the use of a snow-white fiberglass shell.

To reduce the cost of the project, several developerssimplified the basic delivery and interior design. In the basic set Space Ecocapsule receives a furnished pantry and flooring. Depending on the wishes of customers, a bed, air conditioning, compact furniture and a small shower can be installed. Simplification of the interior allows owners of the eco-house to travel comfortably or convert it into an additional room.

Energy for the functioning of the Space Ecocapsulesupplies a 200 Watt solar panel mounted on a telescopic arm. Also, the house can be connected to city communications. The cost of the updated Space Ecocapsule will be 55 thousand dollars in the base.

Source: ecocapsule