Ebo companion robot for your cat

Cat owners will no longer worry aboutthe emotional state of their pets during the absence of the owners - they will have at their disposal an Ebo robot that can not only entertain cats, but also take up their physical condition, preventing obesity, which is dangerous for animal health.

Fundraising started at Kickstarterthe release of a spherical Ebo robot, equipped with electronics and able to independently move on the floor, attracting the animal with noise effects, flickering LED screens or using a laser pointer.
Ebo has many favorites in its arsenal.cats of entertainment. In particular, a removable feather toy and a laser pointer creating a “sun bunny” are installed on the head of the device, which the pet can chase for hours.

The construction of the robot is made of durable material,which cannot be destroyed by a pet. Special sensors allow the robot to bypass obstacles in the room and move freely within the scope of the cat.

Autonomous operation of the device providesa battery whose charge is enough for 2 hours of active games. The delivery kit includes a charger, to which the Ebo connects on its own while reducing the battery charge to the minimum value.

The owner will be able to remotely track gamespet through a video camera using a special application. A special version of Ebo Pro has also been developed, which uses artificial intelligence that tracks the emotional mood and physical parameters of the cat, choosing an individual program of entertainment and training. In the kit there is a special collar for the animal, fixing the number of steps taken and other parameters of the cat's condition.

Already in the early days of the fundraising announcement oncat’s robot was five times overcome the minimum barrier of 40 thousand dollars. The price of the base device will be $ 158, and the Ebo Pro version will cost the buyer from $ 198 to $ 217. The first Ebo will begin to entertain animals in the summer of 2020.