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Eating chili peppers reduces the risk of a heart attack.

According to a study by ItalianScientists, published in the journal Journal of the American College of Cardiology, consuming chili peppers at least 4 times a week reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 23%. Chili pepper, beloved (and hated) by many, has a number of useful properties, while being one of the most important ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. The study analyzed data on more than 22 thousand men and women collected from 2005 to 2010.

Chili peppers are incredibly good for the health of the cardiovascular system

Diet or chili peppers?

Chili pepper - also known as hamilcini -is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. Experts say that the Mediterranean diet is one of the most useful in the world, as it includes vegetables, grains, legumes, meat of all kinds, wine, eggs, etc. During the study, a team of scientists for five years collected information about 22,811 subjects who lived in the mountainous region of Molise (Italy). Thanks to the large sample, the researchers were able to establish that regardless of the diet the subjects followed, the presence or absence of chili peppers really mattered.

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The Mediterranean diet is recognized by great experts as one of the most beneficial for health.

Able to give almost any dishamazing taste and personality - of course in reasonable proportions - chili peppers are very much appreciated in the culinary art. However, its main magic, nevertheless, lies in its useful components and properties that help the human body to remain healthy. Thus, the risk of death from a stroke and coronary heart disease, according to the data obtained, is significantly reduced with regular use of chili peppers. Note that regular researchers call the use of chili at least once a week. It turned out that the risk of premature death due to cardiovascular disease was 23% lower among subjects who regularly added it to their dishes, compared with subjects who did not have chili peppers or were rare in their diets. In addition, lovers of chili pepper were as much as 34% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease.

Controversial issues

However, the data obtained is insufficient forin order to draw final conclusions, since the results require greater research accuracy. The efforts of the team of specialists will now be focused on those components of chili peppers that may be beneficial for health, but this does not mean that recommendations have been made to increase the consumption of chili peppers.

According to the researchers, diets should not be considered as medicines and it is not necessary to calculate the exact amount of any specific components. All efforts made should be aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. And he, as you know, begins with a healthy diet. Scientists moderate consumption, which is a hallmark of the Mediterranean diet also applies to the use of chili peppers. Thus, if you are used to regularly adding hot peppers to your dishes, keep up the good work. Otherwise, experts recommend that you simply adhere to the classic Mediterranean diet.