Easy to carry Unravel - the universal equivalent of AirPower (10 photos + video)

Many waited for Apple to sell.AirPower. But after the abolition of the issue was not clear what to buy. Unravel, a portable counterpart with an original folding structure, can be a great alternative. New makes it possible to charge multiple devices in different positions.

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The device is compatible with any gadgets thatsupport Qi-charging and give 10 watts of power. When completely unfolded, Unravel can charge 3 devices, including an AirPods headset case and an Apple Watch smart watch.

Structurally, the gadget consists of 3 parts. That is, it can be folded "tent" and charge the smartphone at an angle, as in bench charging. So, the mobile device will rest on a special stand, and the information displayed on its display will be clearly visible. You can also charge your smartphone when the gadget is folded.

The novelty is able to connect to the network throughUSB-C, as in the minimum configuration there is no power adapter. However, charging is good from the MacBook. If not, then it is advisable to buy Unravel with a proprietary adapter.

The kit can be supplemented with a hard convenient case for transporting the device. The cost of Unravel without an adapter is $ 99, with an adapter of $ 139.