Earpiece Monorean for passing exams (2 photos + video)

High technology comes to the aid of students -an ordinary cheat sheet evolved into a Monorean microscopic earpiece. The developers of the startup do not hide the purpose of the spy miniature earphone and claim that Monorean will be the perfect assistant in passing tests and exams.

Rice-sized earphone reliablymounted in the ear and through the speaker transmits information with a "crystal clear sound." The principle of Monorean is no different from traditional wireless headphones, communication is via Bluetooth using a connected smartphone. Feedback is provided through a microphone mounted on an inductive wire hidden under a jacket. The earphone is not visible from the outside and it does not fall out of the ear when bending.

Monorean battery life of 4hours provides a lithium battery, which is recharged via a USB port. A more advanced set of devices includes an inductive collar from which you can call a partner. In both cases, you can use an MP3 player instead of a smartphone, on which answers to tasks are recorded.

The price of the basic set is 349 euros, and the advanced Monorean Pro is a little more expensive - 549 euros.

Source / buy: monorean