Early fraud from "Yandex" - we will divorce the client for money. Payment "Yandex.Station" at once


For Yandex, the situation is developing in such a way that the company really needs money, any

a penny that she can reach.Servicing loans requires funds that the company does not have, and operating activities do not bring sufficient financial injections. Plus, Yandex continues to export its employees to different countries of the world, for example, the former CEO of the company, Elena Bunina, said in an interview with the New York Times that out of 18,000 Russian employees of Yandex, 2,500 people have already been exported to other countries, and the number of those who wants to leave the country, even more. You can find the interview here. Please note that for some employees, this means relocation with their families, and Yandex also pays for the costs.

In the first quarter of 2022, Yandex's lossesamounted to 13 billion rubles in Russia, I think that the second quarter will also amaze us with the size of the losses. And at the moment, Yandex is making every effort to get money in any way, they need to show the turnover. The whole of 2022 can be safely considered very difficult for Yandex, money becomes the main thing for the company, everything else is secondary. In the literal sense, you need to find pennies wherever possible.

Curious is the pricing on the same"Yandex.Market", where goods change value before our eyes. I bought an external 8 TB WD hard drive a few weeks ago, bought it from Yandex for 20 thousand rubles, plus some insignificant discount coupon. Its cost fluctuates from 23 to 28 thousand rubles in recent weeks and is in no way connected with the ruble exchange rate (delivery from the Yandex warehouse). My feeling is that the price is formed dynamically, it is always an attempt to push through the highest price - what if they buy?

At the same time, when playing this game with Yandex, it’s easy to catch the discounts that the site lures you with - this is how I bought a 16 TB drive from WD for a little less than 33 thousand.

Interestingly, Yandex sent me an additional discount of 1,000 rubles in the form of an SMS to a phone that does not have a company account.

That is, somewhere and sometime this number flashedand got into the database from Yandex, it does not correspond to my account, and here is such a generous discount offer. I am not being ironic, a discount of 1,000 rubles from a purchase of 3,000 rubles is very generous and, as a rule, does not bring profit to the site, but rather losses.


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Another observation. Taxi prices constantly come out, which amaze me. More and more often “Business” is cheaper than “Comfort +” for me.

Dynamic pricing is good because itchanges within minutes. See the price of the trip, close the application. You open it in five minutes, and your price is 20 percent less, and the service load is no longer yellow, but green. No difference from how you can catch prices on Yandex.Market. This is not a store, but a kind of digital bazaar, where at every step they try to heat you up so that you pay more. It is interesting that many people simply do not consider and do not look, but immediately buy what they need. And they bring additional money to Yandex. I do not like this approach, but at least it can be explained somehow.

But it is impossible to explain the direct deception with the early repayment of Yandex.Station or the Module, which you paid in equal installments. Here is a letter from our reader:

Good evening, Eldar Viktorovich.I have been reading your articles and other Mobile-review authors for many years. Something with great pleasure, something with doubt. But I confess that I have to change my point of view, for example, in relation to the Yandex company - I never thought that their affairs were really so bad that they were ready to slide to the edge of manipulation.

More than a year and a half ago I subscribed to Yandexto the Mini Station with the Plus.Multi tariff. And just the other day, in advertising on the pages of Yandex, banners began to come across offering early repayment of this subscription, despite the 17 months of the remaining payments.

How so?Doesn't Yandex need a loyal client who will be guaranteed to pay monthly for almost two years? But no matter how strange it all was, I decided to see what exactly they offer me and followed the link. No explanations and attempts to show the “benefit” - a laconic, even rather meager window opened with the “Redeem for 2023r” button, when clicked, it is proposed to indicate the card details and make a payment.

And then I began to doubt, at whose expense are we walking?When I asked the support service about the cost of a subscription after the early purchase of the column, they answered that I would then pay 299 rubles per month. And so, after simple arithmetic, it turned out that by early closing the subscription to the column with one payment of 2023 rubles and continuing to pay for Plus.Multi at 299 rubles a month, I will spend 7106 rubles for the remaining 17 months. This is almost 1,200 rubles more than the amount that I will pay without accepting such a “beneficial” offer.

It turns out that I had to pay for the entire banquet? Thank you, Yandex, but no!


How do you like that?Consciously create an offer that is unprofitable for the client, and try to deceive him. And this is a “mistake”, which was created in Yandex on purpose to squeeze out additional money, the company is actively promoting this offer. I think that against the background of changes in the terms of subscription to Yandex.Plus, the number of devices that you can link, this is also a wake-up call. As well as an automatic subscription to an option that you did not order.

Beware Yandex! Automatic subscription to Yandex.Plus

"Yandex" began to massively subscribe users of "Yandex.Plus" for a paid service without demand, we understand the details.

Here is another letter from a person who encountered a service from Yandex:

Hello Eldar.

I used Yandex Station for 2 years and + I havethere was the whole smart home on Yandex, but after June 16, I made a decision for myself that I would no longer use their services, because only God knows what else Yandex can do with subscriptions that have already been paid for.

On June 30, I sold a column on Avito with the expectation thatYandex support service will transfer my subscriptions that I bought on Yandex Market to the account of the person who bought the station from me, but the support service was powerless in this and for more than a week they cannot transfer subscriptions to another account.

I agreed with the buyer of the column and askedtoday at the Yandex support service to return the money to me for the unused subscription time, which I have paid until 2027 and the support service said that they cannot return the money.

I ask you to warn your readers about how Yandex easily returns money, and I will write to the prosecutor's office.

Customer loyalty "Yandex" today does not care,too much money is needed for the life of employees in other countries. A smoothie will not buy itself somewhere by the sea, when, looking at the blue, a Yandex employee will talk about bad Russians and that the whole country should kneel and repent. About how the former head of Yandex.Lavka, who was still an employee of Yandex and on behalf of all the inhabitants of Russia, repented in the New York Times, arguing that it was a shame to be a citizen of our country. To be ashamed or not is a personal matter for everyone, Ilya Krasilshchik became a defendant in a criminal case in Russia, and he does not evoke sympathy from me, he earned this case honestly.

But I am surprised by the ease with which Yandexspit on minimal decency and begins to simply deceive people, counting on their inattention. Either he will automatically connect a subscription for one hundred rubles, or he will offer “profitably” to pay off the subscription to Yandex.Station, counting on the fact that no one will count anything, or he will refuse to return money for services not rendered. It seems to me that once is an accident, twice is already a reason to think, but when such news pours in like from a cornucopia, it becomes clear that the company just went haywire and doesn’t give a damn about its image, the main thing is to get any penny, up to which she can reach.

Beware Yandex! Automatic subscription to Yandex.Plus

"Yandex" began to massively subscribe users of "Yandex.Plus" for a paid service without demand, we understand the details.

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