Each smartphone can turn into a Nintendo Switch (6 photos)

Computer developers usethe slightest opportunity to integrate games into new gadgets. It seems that Microsoft is planning to provide the ability to convert any smartphone into a set-top box using a proprietary cloud service for Project xCloud gamers.

The US Patent Office filed an application that looks very similar to a mobile game console. The main purpose of the patent is to register a charging station equipped with “plug-in input modules”.

The scheme presented in the patent office,shows that the device consists of a docking station connected to a power source to charge the modules. There are also the same input modules attached to the smartphone on both sides, which turns the external design into a device similar to the Joy-Con for the Nintendo Switch.

Experts have found that the patented systemwill work using Project xCloud Microsoft's cloud service. Meanwhile, designers have developed the proposed 3D model of the device based on patent data. It is argued that side captures are ideal for modern smartphones without frames and do not overlap the visible area of ​​the screen. Presumably, the connection between the controllers and the smartphone will be via Wi-Fi, which will provide "... the game, absolutely no delays."

Source: yankodesign