E Ink Introduces Flexible Display For Folding E-Books

This year, smartphone manufacturers are activelyare entering the market for devices with a folding display. Smartphones from Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and Flexpai with flexible OLED screens are already available to consumers. However, it's not just OLED displays that foldable designs are available.

Pioneer among manufacturers of screens withelectronic ink, E Ink has been working on a foldable display for several years, starting in 2017, and showed an updated 10.3-inch monochrome ePaper display at a recent exhibition in Japan.

It is noteworthy that the previous development of the companyin the field of flexible screens, introduced in 2017 was 10.2 inches. At first glance, the only enhancement to the new flexible display with e-ink technology is the addition of backlighting for comfortable reading in low light conditions.

Use flexible display from E Inkcan be found not only in e-books, but also in e-ink laptops, e-newspapers and bulletin boards. However, to date, no mobile device manufacturer has announced plans to use flexible e-ink screens.

Source: gizmochina