Dyson unveils the history and photos dedicated to the canceled electric car project (11 photos)

More than six months have passed since the moment when the companyDyson announced the closure of a project to develop its own electric car. However, for the founder and head of the company, James Dyson, this project remains extremely important and the businessman periodically reminds the community of his failure, costing $ 600 million of his personal savings. Last month, the billionaire and richest citizen of Great Britain introduced the conceptual model of an electric car, and now on the official Dyson website he published the history and ideology of the project to create the car of the future Dyson Battery.

Dyson talks about his unfulfilled dream -an electric car capable of revolutionizing the automotive industry. The billionaire notes that the use of innovative technologies and design developments would eliminate numerous problems of the modern world, in particular, eliminate the “black smoke escaping from the rear of vehicles”.

Talking about the stages of developing your ownbusinessman indicates that at the initial stage manufacturers of such cars will incur financial losses from the sale of each piece of equipment. This was one of the reasons why his project was closed, but the engineering team that came to the company continues to work on autonomous energy sources.

Billionaire points to the benefits of the conceptelectric car Dyson. First of all, he noted the universal nature of the developed platform, which allows you to "hang" on it various bodies and design various types of cars. Then Dyson notes the revolutionary layout of the components and mechanisms of the car and excellent aerodynamic qualities.

Built-in electric drive system (Electric DriveUnit, EDU), powered by a "digital engine" with a single-speed gearbox and a modern power inverter, provided an economical and long-lasting ride. At the same time, the battery, placed in a rigid, protected aluminum case, became an integral part of the body and optimized the space in the car cabin. The design of the battery pack made it possible to change the battery capacity if necessary. The enthusiast also notes the unique design of the chassis with a flat bottom and high ground clearance, provided with wheels of increased diameter.

In conclusion, Dyson calls the development of the bestauto, “an obsession that drives his company” and alludes to a desire to collaborate with automobile corporations in the process of creating high-performance electric vehicles. The article itself provides a lot of photos and video materials demonstrating Dyson's successes achieved while working on an unsuccessful project to create its own electric car.

Source: Dyson