DxOMark started testing selfie cameras

The question is which smartphone is better at taking selfies,now will not remain without a reasonable response. We decided to express our expert opinion on this in DxOMark. So far, only the main cameras of smartphones have been tested and rated there, but henceforth justice has been restored.

DxOMark experts have developed a new protocol that allows rating the front cameras. For this, a number of important changes have been made to the main protocol.

A good front camera should beoptimized for portrait shooting at relatively short distances. Testing is carried out at three distances: 30, 55 and 120 cm. It is clear that the camera with fixed focus is difficult to give good image quality at all three distances - the DxOMark tests will give recommendations that will help you choose the best smartphone for a particular selfie style.

Curious nuance: In order for test results to be valid in all regions and cultures, DxOMark tests standard modes of international firmware versions developed for ethnically diverse markets. It is important primarily for the image of different skin tones.

Top rated for item testingThe quality of selfie cameras of smartphones at the moment looks like this. Judging by this list, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is optimal for someone who wants the maximum from both cameras.


Tatyana Kobelskaya