DVR alarm clock will not let the driver fall asleep at the wheel (7 photos + video)

The tense situation on the road pushesdrivers to install DVRs for fixing everything that happens on the road. But sometimes this is not enough. The driver himself due to fatigue, disease or sleepiness may have insufficient response to respond to a changing situation on the track. The 360-degree DVR Vezo 360 with face recognition technology is designed to determine the health of the person behind the wheel and wake him up.

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Technology is based on machine learning,allowing the Vezo 360 to detect signs of human fatigue. With the help of the camera gadget monitors the shape and movement of the mouth and eyes of the driver. Noticing the signs of a close sleep in a person, the DVR emits a signal to wake him up. By the way, in case of an accident, the AI ​​gadget immediately records the incident on the microSD memory card so that the data will not be overwritten in the future until the driver retrieves them using the Vezo mobile application.

A parked car will also be supervised.Vezo 360. Accidental accidents and thieves will be recorded by the device, since it is able to monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Data can be either stored on a microSD memory card or transferred to the cloud. A flashing LED will inform others about their ongoing work.

Inside the Vezo 360 set: 1/2.3 ″ CMOS sensor, two f / 2.0 aperture lenses with a wide 180-degree angle of view, 3D noise reduction, HDR support and the ability to capture scenes in low light.

The device can be easily removed from the fastener on the frontglass machine and use it as a portable camera. 4K-video is fixed on all sides and transmitted to the mobile device via Bluetooth, or to the Network via 4G or Wi-Fi.

Developers are planning to deliver it from the fall of this year. The price of the device is currently $ 149.