Durov suggests using Android instead of iOS

Recent massive protests in Washington andthe subsequent blocking of Trump's accounts caused controversy in the Internet community, worried about electoral censorship by high-tech corporations. Pavel Durov, the founder of one of the fastest growing instant messengers in the world, Telegram, intervened in the discussion. The expert's main conclusion was the recommendation for users to switch from using iOS to Android.

The call to change the operating system was made inthe course of answering a question from a Telegram user about the situation with the blocking of Google, Apple and Amazon social network Parler, which is popular with Trump supporters. The user asked about the possibility of using Telegram even in the situation of blocking it in app stores.

In response, Durov said that the monopoly positionApple and Google poses a greater threat to the freedom of information dissemination than the notorious Twitter, which promptly excommunicated the current US president. However, the greatest threat, according to Durov, lies in the global total control of user applications by Apple, while on Android there is still the possibility of installing applications via APK. In this regard, Durov calls for abandoning the iOS operating system and switching to the more open Android system, which retains the ability to freely obtain any information.

Source: durovschat