During the study of Mars was discovered a new source of antibiotics

Bacteria very quickly develop immunity toantibiotics, so every time it becomes more difficult for scientists to develop new drugs. If it goes on like this, the number of deaths in the world may increase dramatically, since there will be nothing to treat serious diseases. Fortunately, sometimes scientists find methods for producing strong antibiotics completely unexpectedly - for example, researchers from the University of Leiden found one of them while studying Mars.

One of the problems that can interfere with life onMars, the presence of perchlorates in its soil is considered. These chemicals are toxic to humans and can prevent the thyroid gland from absorbing iodine. To solve this problem, the researchers decided to create bacteria that decompose perchlorate into safe chlorine and oxygen. As part of the project, they intended to find out if these bacteria are capable of behaving in the same way as on Earth.

To recreate the gravitational conditions of Mars,scientists used an rpm machine. It constantly changes its orientation, and the substances in the flasks cannot adapt to only a certain gravity. It was found that in Martian conditions, microbes of the Streptomyces family begin to experience stress and produce antibiotics. Scientists stressed that 70% of antibiotics used today were obtained precisely because of these bacteria.

According to them, the cultivation of bacteria in the RPM-machinemay lead to the emergence of previously unknown antibiotics. To them, the bacteria will definitely not have immunity, at least until people begin to abuse them. This discovery is of great importance for medicine, because in the long run it can save thousands of lives.

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