During the full moon, sharks become aggressive and attack people more often.

When the full moon rises in the night sky,many animals begin to behave very strangely. Oysters can be cited as an example - they close on the full moon. At the same time, tiny marine life sinks to the bottom, seabirds try to stay as close to shore as possible, and lions living in the savannas are less likely to come out to hunt. At the moment, the exact reason why animals behave strangely on a full moon is unknown. Some scientists believe that changes in behavior are associated with greater intensity of moonlight. Other researchers believe that animals are strangely affected by the tides. Recently, American scientists studied data on the behavior of sharks over a 55-year period and found that the full moon also affects them - sharks become more aggressive and attack people more often.

Sharks get aggressive on full moons, but scientists don't know why

Interesting fact: shark attacks on people occur regularly - about 100 cases are recorded worldwide every year. But not all of them are fatal, people get only wounds and injuries.

When do sharks attack people most often?

On the research work carried out and its resultstold the scientific publication Science Alert. As part of the study, scientists studied data on the behavior of sharks in the period from 1960 to 2015. The studied statistics are stored in the archives of the Florida Museum of Natural History. Information about the behavior of predatory fish has been compared with data on lunar phases over several decades. Scientists have identified a clear link between the increase in the number of shark attacks on people and the appearance of a full moon in the sky.

Maybe sharks get aggressive because of the tides

The reason why there are predatory fish on the full moonbecome aggressive, scientists are not clear. According to Steve Midway, who is an ecologist at the University of Louisiana, US, sharks can successfully hunt in low light levels. So the assumption that they can see potential victims better on a full moon can be immediately dismissed. Yes, and it should be borne in mind that usually sharks hunt in the daytime, and rest at night.

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What is the "moon effect"?

It is possible that the relationship between the full moon andshark aggression is just a statistical error. But scientists tend to assume that the satellite of our planet still affects the behavior of predatory fish. The fact is that in the scientific community there is already such a thing as the “moon effect”. This is the name of the phenomenon in which the phase of the moon inexplicably affects the life of animals and plants. It is worth recognizing that this phenomenon may seem something supernatural, but there are already signs that a celestial object is somehow affecting living organisms.

On a full moon, many animals behave strangely and sharks are no exception.

For example, scientists have recently shown thatBiological life on Earth is largely dependent on the gravitational pull of the Moon and Sun. According to the same publication Science Alert, they conducted a meta-analysis and found out that, depending on the state of celestial objects, animals on our planet sleep, eat, and so on differently. Of course, gravity changes are negligible, and some scientists argue against this assumption. But I also want to believe in the statements of other researchers.

All living organisms on Earth are affected by the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon, expressed in the form of ebbs and flows, - said biophysicist Cristiano de Mello Gallep (Cristiano de Mello Gallep).

Saving people from shark attacks

If scientists could prove that on a full moonsharks are indeed becoming more aggressive, the number of their attacks could be significantly reduced. Surfers suffer the most from predatory fish attacks. If you consider that they make their nightly swims on the full moon (the full moon provides more light), this is a rather dangerous phenomenon. Of course, the risk of a shark attack can be significantly reduced by swimming in a group and vigilance. But it’s better not to go into the water at all on a full moon.

The most common victims of sharks are surfers.

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Relatively recently, scientists announced that sharksdo not attack people, but simply "study" them in the most accessible way for them - with their teeth. If a shark attack did occur, there is a good way to prevent dire consequences. I talked more about the new first aid rule in case of a shark attack in this material.