During quarantine, Russians will not be disconnected from the Internet in case of arrears

Harsh times require extraordinary solutions. Rostelecom announced that during the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, subscribers who have arrears will not be disconnected from the Internet. This was announced by the president of the company.

According to the head of Rostelecom, a decision was madeDo not stop access to the services provided by the company in the event of current debt. This decision is aimed, first of all, to maintain communication to home telephony subscribers, the main consumers of this service are the elderly.

This decision also applies to small andmedium business. Currently, 15.7 million home telephony clients use Rostelecom’s services, 13.2 million subscribers are connected to the Internet, 10.4 million customers are connected to pay-TV, and 1.7 million subscribers work with mobile communications.

Source: RBC