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Due to the shortage of chips, Canon began to produce "fake" printer cartridges and told how to bypass the protection

The shortage in the global semiconductor market leadssometimes to unexpected and paradoxical situations. The lack of standard processors that ensure the operation of Canon's cartridge protection system forced the manufacturer to produce devices that are not protected from counterfeiting. As a result, many printers give an error and recognize genuine Canon cartridges as counterfeit.

To get out of this situation, the technicalcompany support sends customers instructions on how to bypass their own system of protection against counterfeit products - Digital Rights Management (DRM). In letters to customers, the company informs about the difficulties encountered in the supply of chips, as a result of which the company is forced to produce toner cartridges without the proprietary "copy protection". This situation will continue until Canon finds reliable suppliers able to ensure a smooth and stable supply of the components required for the security system.

Messages sent to clients indicatethat the absence of processors of the protective system will not affect the print quality in any way, but may lead to incorrect operation of some functions. The lack of a protective system affected 19 series of Canon printers, each of which has several models.

Semiconductor shortage leads to Canon sellingtoner cartridges without chips which usually identify them as genuine, so Canon now instructs customers on how to override the warnings for using “counterfeit” cartridges

- Nils Adermann (@naderman) January 7, 2022
DRM bypass method suggested by techCanon's support is quite simple: the user needs to ignore the messages about counterfeit cartridges. To date, the processor shortage has affected only Canon Germany, but the ongoing supply crisis in the market could cause the problem to spread to all divisions of Canon Europe.

Source: petapixel