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Dubai to build a copy of the moon for the cheapest "space tourism"

Dubai is a huge city in the UAE, famous for itsmodern architecture. This city is home to the tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa, which rises to as much as 828 meters and consists of 163 floors. Also in the city you can visit the "Museum of the Future" with Arabic calligraphy on the facade, the Infinity Bridge in the form of an infinity sign and much more. In the next few years, another architectural wonder will appear in Dubai - a huge tourist structure that exactly repeats the shape of the moon. The construction will cost fabulous money, but in the end, visitors to Dubai will be able to go to this place and go on “space tourism” without leaving their native Earth.

Dubai wants to build another masterpiece of architecture

How much do skyscrapers cost

Moon World Resort Construction Costin Dubai will be 5 billion dollars. This is a huge amount, but for large architectural projects this is the norm. For comparison, at one time the construction of the World Trade Center in Manhattan cost $ 4 billion. In terms of high cost, a structure in the shape of the Moon can be compared to the Egyptian pyramid - we recently found out that using modern technology, such a project would also cost about 5 billion dollars.

The construction of the Moon World Resort will cost as much as the construction of a skyscraper

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The moon in Dubai is another masterpiece of architecture

The height of the building in the shape of the moon will be 224 meters -it will also be a kind of skyscraper. It is believed that after construction, 2.5 million visitors can easily fit inside. Guests will have access to a nightclub, event center, spa and other facilities. To quickly move between floors, a "lunar shuttle" will be used - most likely, we are talking about a high-speed space-style elevator. The construction is planned to be completed in two years, that is, the Moon in Dubai will appear around 2024.

But the most important feature of a skyscraper in the shape of the moon isThis is an opportunity to feel like a space tourist. It is reported that inside the building there will be an area in which lunar conditions will be recreated. It is not clear what specific features of the earth satellite are in question. But it can be assumed that the designers will recreate the starry sky, the Earth visible in the distance, the lunar soil, and so on.

Visitors to Moon World Resort will be able to feel like space tourists without leaving Earth

It is unlikely that you can walk around the entire structure in one day.someone will succeed. Therefore, it is planned to build 300 private residences on the upper floors. Staying at the Moon World Resort will be expensive, so only rich people will be able to stay there. Along with access to luxury apartments, visitors will have access to a private club.

Perhaps inside the huge structure there will beother establishments are also open. After all, there will certainly be a place for themed stores, a cinema, and so on. It is believed that inside it will be possible to create centers for space agencies and astronauts. Who knows, maybe there will be training before flying to the real moon? Indeed, in the next few years, people will again go to conquer the earth's satellite, and manned missions will certainly become regular.

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The cheapest space tourism

Be that as it may, the Moon World Resort inDubai would be a great place to get a little taste of what it's like to be in space. Tickets for such excursions will be clearly cheaper than real flights as part of the SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic missions. At Richard Branson's company, a tourist flight into space costs about $450,000, and a deposit of $150,000 is required to reserve a seat. In addition to cheapness, an attraction in an Arab resort is unlikely to require special training in physical and mental terms, and after all, before real flights, space tourists train and are instructed for several months.

In Dubai, you can go to a copy of the "space tourism"

Finally, the new project should bring a lot of benefits to Dubai, especially in the field of economy:

Moon in Dubai will have a significant impact on everythingaspects of the UAE economy, including tourism, transport, real estate, infrastructure, financial services, aviation and space, energy, agriculture, technology and, of course, education, the authors of the project noted.

Finally, it should be noted that currentlySaudi Arabia is building an even more interesting project - a skyscraper city worth 1 trillion (!) Dollars. What it is for and how it will look, you can find out in this material.