DualSense PS5 drift stick "fixed" via update

Meanwhile, the social network indicates that inThe description of the update does not mention the DualSense controller. This "secret" update has caused discontent among PS5 owners, who previously had problems with sticks. Some users also note that the update may have resulted in changes to the stick's "dead zone" setting.

Users logically assumed that suchchanges can only be temporary and problems with the controller will resume as it wears out. Sony's response, meanwhile, gives hope that the developers are aware of the problems and are taking action to fix them.

DualSense Stick Drift Issue ExplainediFixit specialists when disassembling a gamepad. Experts believe that the main cause of the problem is the gamepad design and is determined by the lifespan of the RKJXV potentiometers in DualSense. These findings support Reddit users' claims of temporary fixes.

Source: reddit