Drowned 15 months ago iPhone rescued, works and returned to the mistress (video)

Modern smartphones show extremelyhigh survivability not only in the tough tests of enthusiasts, but also in real life. And the sustainability of Apple products, apparently, will become the basis for legends. What is the recently discovered iPhone 6S Plus in Iceland, dropped from a plane from a height of 60 meters, lain in Icelandic mosses for more than a year and returned to its owner in practically working condition.

However, miracles with the survivability of the iPhone did not end - in South Carolina (USA), the fully functional iPhone 6S, which had been lying at the bottom for about 15 months, was caught and returned to the owner from the Edisto River.

While checking the bottom of the river, a blogger with friendsexamined the garbage collected after visiting tourists. Everything that happened was recorded on video. At some point, enthusiasts took out a waterproof case with a smartphone, covered with silt, algae and dirt, from the water.

After coming home, the blogger was surprisedfound that inside the case is a fully functional iPhone 6S. After a short recharge, the smartphone’s monitor showed the Apple logo, but the device was blocked and the blogger, using the “drowned” SIM card and using his own phone, contacted the landlady who lost the smartphone in June 2018.

The only oddity in history is an amazing coincidence - the blogger and the hostess of the smartphone carried the same last name: Bennett.