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Drone Orlan 10 - Russian device from parts with Aliexpress?

"Orlan 10" is perhaps the most famouspresent day Russian drone. Initially, the drone is intended for reconnaissance purposes. But as a result of one of the latest modifications, he even learned to hit enemy manpower and equipment. Ammunition includes four high-explosive fragmentation projectiles. In addition, "Orlan 10" can broadcast targets for destruction by other weapons, for example, self-propelled guns or tanks. Especially tight integration of this drone with self-propelled guns Msta-SM. I must say that "Orlan 10", unlike the same "Forpost", is a completely Russian development. Moreover, according to its creators, the device contains civilian components, which made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of the device. However, evil tongues say that his insides are completely imported. Next, we will take a closer look at this UAV and try to figure out what parts are still used in it.

Russian multifunctional drone "Orlan 10"


  • 1 UAV "Orlan 10" - characteristics
  • 2 "Orlan" drone and its capabilities
  • 3 What components does the Orlan drone contain?
  • 4 Reliability of “drone from Aliexpress”

UAV "Orlan 10" - characteristics

Russian drone "Orlan 10" representsis a much earlier development than the Altius UAV, which we talked about earlier. It entered service in 2010. Among the features of the drone is a high duration and flight range. It is able to continuously stay in the air for up to 16 hours and fly at distances up to 600 km. Its maximum speed reaches 150 km / h, and the flight altitude is 5 km. The cruising speed is 110 km/h.

Thanks to this, the UAV can patrolcertain areas, as well as to conduct reconnaissance at a great distance. But its payload is small - only 5 kg, which is due to the very compact dimensions of the drone itself. Therefore, there are many different configurations for solving various problems.

"Orlan" can carry on board no more than 5 kg of payload

"Orlan" drone and its capabilities

"Orlan 10" can conduct infrared surveillanceand optical range. An interesting feature is the ability to determine the position of GSM phones, radars that operate in the x-band, as well as VHF communication stations, after which they can be hit by other weapons. Drones with electronic warfare equipment on board are also capable of jamming GSM communications and GPS receivers.

One of the latest modifications allowsuse Orlan 10 as a strike drone. However, due to its small carrying capacity, one should not expect excessive firepower from it. Four miniature projectiles are attached to the drone, which can hit unarmored enemy vehicles, mortars and, of course, manpower. Recall that high-explosive fragmentation shells strike with a shock wave and flying fragments.

After detecting a target, the operator can resetshells from a height of 2 km. According to the military, the strike UAV "Orlan 10" has a fairly high accuracy. The deviation of the projectiles from the target is no more than two meters.

"Orlan 10" can carry 4 small high-explosive fragmentation projectiles on board

I must say that despite the agedrone, it has a number of interesting modern options. For example, it can work completely offline without an operator in the mode. The route can include up to 100 waypoints. In the absence of satellite communications, the UAV recognizes the terrain from photographs for orientation in space.

The drone software allows you to overlay images on OpenStreetMap, GoogleMap maps, and also compare drone footage with Google Satellite imagery.

What components does the Orlan drone contain?

UAVs "Orlan" are actively used duringmilitary actions. In particular, they were used in Syria and Ukraine. Of course, with such massive use, they were repeatedly shot down, as a result of which many photographs of the wreckage can be found on the net. It is easy to see microcircuits and other details of Chinese, French, American and Japanese production on them.

"Orlan 10" contains civilian foreign electronics from different manufacturers

In fact, there is no sensation in this.When creating Orlan-10, the bet was made on civilian components, which have recently been cheap. Therefore, the engine and electronics are indeed imported. Moreover, there is no binding to any one supplier. Any detail can be replaced by an analogue. Therefore, when studying the downed Orlan 10, new details are demonstrated each time.

What is domestic at "Orlan-10"?First of all, complex software. In addition, the case is made in Russia from composite materials, which provides the drone with radio transparency. Moreover, the wing de-icing technology is a Russian development. The surface is covered with a special polymer film, and when ice accumulates on it, the film simply separates.

Hull for UAV "Orlan" is made in Russia from composite materials

Reliability of “drone from Aliexpress”

Many people must have been under the impression that"Orlan" is a kind of constructor, which is assembled from parts purchased from some Aliexpress. On the one hand, this is a plus, since the UAV has a low cost, which means that the army can use such drones in large quantities. True, the cost is low only in comparison with other military drones. The price of "Orlan 10" exceeds 100 thousand US dollars.

But according to Western critics, for this reasonthe reliability of the drone does not hold water. This is allegedly evidenced by the fact that many Orlan 10 UAVs found in Syria had no signs of damage or any air defense effects. Therefore, most likely, they fell as a result of a breakdown, failure of the electronics or software failure.

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How true this is is hard to say.Those UAVs that were shot down often have severe wear of parts, which indicates a large number of flights. Moreover, there are instances with worn and repaired parts. That is, some drones continued to be used after the full development of their resource. Therefore, it is too early to talk about the low reliability of the drone, since the facts indicate the opposite.