Draws on salty: how chopsticks enhance the taste

In Japan, scientists have found a way out for those who are always undersalted. They developed chopsticks that automatically add salt to food. And potassium chloride has nothing to do with it at all.

How is it even possible to give a salty tastewithout any salt? It turns out that it is very simple: with the help of an electric current. Yes, yes, the famous proof that the electron tastes salty will also come in handy here.

In sticks, everything is somewhat simpler. In them, a wave of the desired shape affects the ions in sodium chloride, which is responsible for the salty taste.

We checked it very simply:the subjects were given a special gel with a certain salt content, and asked to remember the taste as a reference. And then they gave the gel, in which there was 30% less salt, and again asked to evaluate the taste.

As a result, in the final test, the subjects again ate the same gel, but with special sticks. As a result, the food seemed even more salty than the original, reference gel.

The same sticks were then tested on miso soup, and it turned out that the invention also enhances the umami taste.

The developers of miracle devices claim that the current from the sticks does not affect human health in any way: it is too weak for this.