Double-sided tape instead of surgical sutures (video)

The traditional method used in the treatmentlarge wounds, uses surgical sutures that cause additional damage to the patient’s tissues and can also become a source of infection. Specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have proposed a simpler and more effective way of healing using a special adhesive tape.

The main idea of ​​the invention isthe use of natural ingredients that are completely harmless to the human body. Special adhesive tape tightens the edges of the wound, fixes them and allows you to undergo rapid scarring and healing.

The adhesive tape uses gelatin andchitosan, which decompose a few days after application to the edges of the wound. On both sides of the tape are polyacrylic acid, which is part of the diapers and is necessary to absorb excess moisture, as well as forming hydrogen bonds necessary for bonding the surfaces of the wound.

The tape passed tests on living tissuepigs: on the skin, small intestine, stomach, liver, lungs and trachea. In the future, scientists plan to use adhesive tape not only for healing wounds, but also for engraftment of biological implants.

Source: mit