Doom II was "launched" on a cardboard box (video)

Favorite shooter Doom by millions of gamerstime was launched on various devices that are at least distantly related to computers. These included oscilloscope and ATM screens, printer panels, smart watches, and even an electronic pregnancy test. The only thing that all these devices had in common was the presence of a processor. However, now an enthusiast from YouTube channel Games Made of Cardboard showed the game Doom II on cardboard boxes that have nothing to do with computer technology.

In a ten-minute video posted on YouTubeBill Thorpe didn’t do the technically impossible and didn’t force Doom II to work in a facility without a processor. However, he was able to recreate the most outstanding shooter episodes using cardboard boxes, playable characters and even incendiary mixes that make boxes and heroes burn to the ground. In one of the most notable moments, the enemy character was even blown off his head, and inside was a cardboard skull.

In the video, which took 9 months to create,found a cameo role for the creator of Doom II, programmer John Romero. According to the author, he is completing his research in the field of creating game installations on cardboard boxes and the performance with Doom II will be the final part of a series that features many famous games.

Source: theverge