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Donald Trump's social network likely to launch on February 21

Scandalous events associated with the assaultCapitol, and the subsequent blocking of the accounts of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, forced the politician and businessman to defend freedom of speech and found their own social network Truth Social (TRUTH Social).

In the shortly appeared on the company's websiteTrump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) press release reported that the date of the official full launch of Donald Trump's social network is set for February 21, 2022. The page was later removed and the release date may be postponed.

Project to create your own social networkTrump began implementing in response to the blocking of his Twitter and Facebook accounts in January 2021, at the time of speeches by supporters of the then president who disagreed with Biden's victory in the election.

The company created by Trump in February 2021TMTG announced that it will fight against the manifestation of "monopoly power in the field of high technology." According to TMTG, existing social platforms "restrict and block those who deviate from the mainstream" and try to achieve total control over the information space. The social network TMTG intends to level the playing field by giving people with different opinions the freedom to express themselves.