Donald Trump suggests fighting hurricanes with nuclear bombs

Have you heard the news? Donald Trump decided to start a nuclear war ... So far, however, with hurricanes. To say that his surroundings were shocked is to say nothing. Nevertheless, the American leader insists on exploring such an opportunity and gave the corresponding commission. Now his advisers must agree or justify the impossibility of such a struggle. Let's see what this “war” is and what it can lead to.

Hurricanes are very beautiful
only when you look at them from the side


  • 1 When will a nuclear war begin?
  • 2 Can you blow a hurricane?
  • 3 Why you can not blow clouds
  • 4 How will they deal with a hurricane

When will a nuclear war begin?

In more detail, the essence of Trump's proposalboils down to the following. Hurricanes originate off the coast of Africa, after which, having passed through the Atlantic, they reach the coast of the United States. Usually they are quite strong. Recall at least Hurricane Katrina, when New Orleans and part of Louisiana experienced the full power of the elements. It was a category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale and the sixth largest in Atlantic power in the entire history of observations. According to official estimates, he claimed the lives of 1836 residents and caused $ 125 billion in damage. These numbers are not surprising due to the fact that 80% of New Orleans were under water.

Any thoughts? Why does Donald Trump want to buy Greenland?

Of course, such hurricanes do not arise every year,but less damaging storms can cause serious damage. To avoid them and not allow them to enter the territory of the United States, the incumbent president proposed sending a nuclear charge in the middle of the forming hurricane, which should destroy it and prevent it from forming completely. At the same time, it was not said exactly at what point the strike should be struck, but apparently, when the hurricane will be at a safe distance from Africa.

It is worth noting that the 34th already had such thoughtsUS President Dwight Eisenhower. He also proposed to deal with hurricanes with bombs, but this never came to fruition. Even Trump himself spoke about such an opportunity two years ago, however, the word “nuclear” did not sound then.

If Trump's proposal is accepted and there are no minuses in this method of struggle, actions can begin in the near future, when a new hurricane is formed. Most often this happens in late summer.

Is it possible to blow a hurricane?

No matter how strange it sounds, the cloudreally can explode. True, one should not forget that on the scale of the planet and the phenomena occurring on it, even the explosion of an atomic bomb is not something really significant. Yes, it can shake the Earth’s surface pretty much, allowing seismic sensors to sense vibration from an explosion for hundreds of kilometers, but a hurricane is a hell of a lot.

They try to put the most destructive weapons in the service of the world, but so far they have failed.

However, a hurricane ismoving air masses, the main reason for the formation of which are temperature extremes. When the mechanism is already running and the masses have begun to move actively, they can only be stopped by disrupting this movement. For example, in a cup, after stirring the tea, its circular motion can be stopped only by substantially interfering with the spoon. Also with hurricanes.

If the bomb charge is enough to disruptmovement of air masses, potentially, this can stop a hurricane, but only if the force of the explosion is very large. According to approximate estimates, for this the power of the bomb should be 20 megatons. For comparison, a bomb with a capacity of 15 kilotons was dropped on Hiroshima (almost 1,000 times weaker). However, other undesirable consequences of such a struggle with the elements are possible.

Why you can not blow clouds

We will not argue with the president and his advisers, but simply try to speculate on the dangers of using strategic charges to destroy a hurricane.

In our Telegram chat, I got up not so long agoquestion on the fight against hurricanes. People with competence argued on this subject. If we apply those arguments to the current situation, we can conclude that the bomb may not destroy the movement of the masses, but rather, increase the area of ​​their movement, as if stretching it. This is completely undesirable, as it can lead to even greater damage. This will happen only in case of insufficient explosion force. If you “push” the air masses sufficiently strong, the rotation speed will drop. This is due to the fact that the wider the radius of rotation, the lower its speed.

In addition, do not forget that such an explosion must be carefully prepared. There should not be any ships in a large radius from the center of the explosion.

But there may be Fedor Konyukhov on his rowing boat

In addition to physical damage to explosive objectswave, a nuclear explosion can bring down some communication systems, including aircraft, located even at a considerable distance. This is due to the fact that during a nuclear explosion, electromagnetic interference propagates around, which is also a damaging factor in an explosion.

Do not forget that small islands,although not visible on the globe, but there is across the ocean. It’s also better to stay away from them, as there may be people on them. All this greatly narrows the list of places for the possible use of atomic bombs in the fight against hurricanes.

The main thing is that when experimenting with weather, people and animals do not suffer

Last but probably the most significanta minus of such impact will be radiation contamination. In addition to the fact that this threatens with radioactive fallout, do not forget about the Gulf Stream, which can spread contaminated water around the world, starting with Europe, which catches fish in coastal waters. It is they who will receive the first wave of radiation. It is unlikely that the states of Western Europe will be ready for this and agree to such a fight against hurricanes.

How to deal with a hurricane

Definitely say which method will be chosen fordealing with hurricanes is now difficult. One thing is certain. They will not explode with atomic bombs. Yes, the consequences of hurricanes are very sad - people are dying, billions are being spent on rebuilding cities. But experiments on the bombardment of clouds in the ocean look even more dubious.

Reason will ever win ... - c. Semantic hallucinations

Reason in this situation will really win, andpersonally, I would not be afraid of something like that. There are more serious things to be afraid of. We will talk about them in the very near future - the material is already being prepared. Follow his appearance on our website or in our Telegram news channel.