Dominate, conquer, humiliate: rodents use predatory plants as a toilet

Planet Earth is rich not only amazinganimals, but also plants. Take, for example, a predatory jug plant called Nepentes Raja - it reaches a rather large size and mainly feeds on insects or small rodents. However, some of its species grow in regions with a small number of insects, so they had to develop a rather unpleasant and degrading way of feeding for them - they attract rodents and extract nutrients from their feces.

Scientists have always wondered why these plantsproduce such a huge amount of nectar. From the moment when people asked this question, more than one century passed, and the supposed answer was found only now. It turned out that with the help of this nectar they attract woody shrews to themselves, who come to eat them and mark the territory with waste products.

Unlike their relatives, this species NepentesRaja has a more solid structure and is able to withstand even large rodents. According to geneticist Chris Torogud, the shape of the plant directly contributes to the capture of foreign objects, including water and fallen leaves. But special attention is still paid to rodent feces - scientists know that they are rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, which are vital for predatory plants.

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What happens between rodents and predatorsplants, is a win-win situation for both parties. It is noteworthy that this is not the only such case in nature - previously, researchers have already discovered a special type of plant that feeds on waste in a similar way, but already bats.

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