Dog Stella from San Diego taught to "speak"

To see a talking dog nowno need to watch the movie “Dog’s Heart”, the dog Stella, who knows how to formulate phrases from words, lives in San Diego with a speech expert Kristina Hunger. The specialist began conducting classes on the development of speech with a dog from two months of age. Stella learned to express her requests with the help of large buttons associated with certain commands of the hostess. Now the dog got the opportunity to conduct a kind of dialogue with Christina, constantly honing her skills.

Large multi-colored buttons that are usedTo train Stella, it’s easy for the dog to press its paws. Each button is assigned a specific word, for example, "Walk" or "Yes." Among the words the dog has learned, there are binders “I want” or “I must.” In order not to mislead the mistress and the dog, each press of the button is additionally voiced by a voice assistant.

Mastering the skills of "speaking" took placeunexpectedly fast. The two-month-old puppy first watched the mistress, pressing buttons and performing certain actions. The first phrase studied by Stella was "Let's go for a walk." Currently, the dog knows the meaning of 29 words and can form some of them into phrases.

In a demo video, Stella asks the hostesseat and walk. In response, Christina asks the dog a clarifying question of what needs to be done first, and the dog quickly responds with a set of buttons "I want to eat".

The purpose of the experiment is to create a universal method for training any dog, which will help to explore the possibility of interspecific communication.

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