Dog-like robots Mini Cheetah went for a walk in the park (video)

Developers from the Biomimetic LaboratoryRobots at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) demonstrated the teamwork capabilities of the compact, safe and extravagant Mini Cheetah robots.

During the walk in the park, nine robots,remotely controlled, played soccer, showed coordinated actions, performed several synchronous exercises, including performed a coordinated somersault. Sometimes the Mini Cheetah clashed comically and toppled backward, but then quickly got up and continued walking.

Controlling the Mini Cheetah Robot Dogcarried out using a wireless remote control. The mass of the Mini Cheetah is only 9 kg and it can reach a maximum speed of 8 km / h. The main task of the developers was to create a cheap, easy to assemble and reliable device.

The "legs" of the robot have three degrees of freedom and consistof three modular sections, each of which has individual electric motors. All Mini Cheetah accessories are readily available and commercially available. The assembly of the robot itself is similar to the Lego constructor.
Mini Cheetah are currently used fordevelopment of various control systems for robots. All parts of the device are easily dismantled and can be replaced during operation, in case of failure.

In the near future, developers plan to holdimprovised robotic dog races, during which several teams will present their own algorithms, which will help to select the most effective Mini Cheetah automatic control application.

Among the applied tasks that will be in the futureperform Mini Cheetah, will participate in rescue missions, when a compact device can penetrate into a locked room to detect the presence of injured people.

Source: cnet